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Spain offers a wide variety of high quality meats: bovine, pork, ovine, and caprine, as well as poultry and game.

The Beef from Galicia, Extremadura, Asturias and Navarra, all of which are Designation of Origin, and are quartered in many formats, is magnificent. As is Avileña, Morucha from Salamanca, Vacuno from the Basque Country, Vedella from Catalunya or Retinta from Andalusia and Extremadura meat, as well as beef and cattle products.

Other examples of extraordinary beef, although of lesser production, extend throughout Asturias, the Catalan Pyrenees (Vedella), Retinta from Andalusia and La Rioja.

But they are not all red meats, as the diversity of climates and landscapes of our geography provide us with other species and white meats. We are talking about lambs like those of the Regional Community of Navarra, Manchego lamb in Extremadura, those of the Sierra de Segura, between Jaen and Albacete and the extraordinary Lechazo from Castile and Leon. We must not forget the healthy white meat from the rabbit, an animal that can be found in practically the whole of Spain.

Something similar occurs with white and Iberian pigs, which are bred and raised throughout the length and breadth of the country. It is our totemic animal and its quartering and exploitation are spectacular.

Game is available to a lesser degree and subject to the season. Venison comes from Extremadura, southern Andalusia and the two Castiles; or roe deer from the Sierras of Guadarrama and Guadalajara.

Poultry production is present throughout Spain. They are mainly reared on chicken farms but farms devoted to the rearing of turkeys, partridges, pigeons, quails, ducks, fowl and geese are becoming more and more widespread. Among them, the chicken and capon from Prat in Barcelona, the ducks from Bidasoa, the red partridge from Castile La Mancha and the pheasants from Castile and Leon deserve special mention.

It is therefore clear that the Spanish pantry would be a lot lamer without the abundance, diversity, power and subtleness of white meats (rabbit, lamb, poultry) and red meats (beef, venison, horse and meatus), without the uniqueness of game (of hair and feathers) or without all of the products from the quartering of pigs.