ok verduras alimentos frescos


Of all food items, garden produce is undoubtedly one of the most varied and abundant nutritional sources. In this context, Spain has become a world power in terms of vegetable production, a country that can boast of first-rate quality vegetables.

Starting with the basic ingredients of a simple salad, Spain has an extraordinary variety of tomatoes, lettuce and onions. Of the former, the Rama, Raff, Kumato and Cherry varieties stagger production throughout the year in the regions of Levante, Almeria, Canary Islands, Navarra and Aragon. As for lettuce, the Romaine, Escarole and Iceberg varieties from our gardens in the Ebro and Duero stand out.

Large-scale production of garlic and onion is spread throughout the whole of Spain, but even so, the purple and black garlic from Las Pedroñeras in Castile La Mancha and the sweet onions from Fuente de Ebro in Zaragoza are particularly relevant.

The tuber, a must in any pantry: potatoes are grown all over Spain but those from Galicia and Prades in Catalunya deserve special mention. If we continue down the variety route, we will discover the best Spanish peppers in Herbón (formerly Padrón), Arnoia (Galicia), Lodosa (Navarra), La Rioja, Gernika (Basque Country) and Fresno Benavente (Castile and Leon), although they are also grown in Almeria, Granada or Murcia. As for carrots, those of Castile and Leon must be highlighted although they are grown in almost all regions.

Cauliflower and white cabbage, typically consumed in winter, are grown in the north-east of the country. Cauliflower from Calahorra in La Rioja, the Basque Country, Navarra, Aragon and Catalunya must be highlighted. High quality sweet spring peas with limited production are grown in areas close to the sea, such as the Basque, Catalan or Galician vegetable gardens.

The journey continues with asparagus from Navarra and Huétor-Tájar in Granada; followed by other vegetables with more limited production but of high quality, such as the turnip greens from Galicia, artichokes from Benicarló (Castellon) or Tudela and green onions from Valls (Tarragona). Chard from Navarra, La Rioja or Castile, borage, chard from the Basque Country, green beans from Murcia and cucumber from Almeria round off the list. With all this, we have an enormous vegetable garden.