Quality of Life

“When we talk about food and gastronomy, we are talking about economy. But above all, we are talking about quality of life”

Spanish gastronomy is not only the best in the world in terms of quality and diversity, but more importantly, in terms of innovation, creativity and modernity. A global reference. Diet is a key factor for contemporary societies and is perceived as such by citizens. Another essential perspective is its cultural expression of the population. With a culture and tradition deeply rooted in the Mediterranean Diet and a national agricultural, maritime and livestock product of the highest quality, Spanish gastronomy occupies a privileged place in the world. However, the main objective is not to achieve sensorial pleasure or culinary subtleness or creativity. Its social objective comes first: eliminate world hunger and guarantee well-being and quality of life for citizens all over the planet.

Proper Diet

A proper diet should fulfil nutritional needs and incorporate cultural, sociological, culinary and satisfaction criteria. Why? Because cuisine is a form of artistic, or even aesthetic, expression, through the great chefs who have gone from being artisans to become artists and media personalities on a par with sportsmen and women. Innovative and creative, they are today’s great ambassadors of Marca España in the 21st century. In fact, Spain has promoted an initiative in the European Parliament, calling for EU countries to incorporate dietary knowledge, taste education, comprehensive health and the need to do physical activity into their education systems.

The message must make an impression on citizens. Pleasant and healthy cuisine should receive an important boost. Although a global vision of diet in the 21st century should conclude with a message of hope, a call for public cooperation to encourage young people to take an interest in diet, providing them with a better understanding of what they eat and where it comes from: the agricultural world, fishing, markets… All of this has a sole purpose: ensure the sustainability of our planet.