Culinary innovation and excellence

Rafael Ansón-carta presidente

Spanish gastronomy is not only the best in the world in terms of quality and diversity, but more importantly, in terms of innovation, creativity and modernity. With a culture and tradition deeply rooted in the Mediterranean Diet and the highest quality national agricultural, maritime and livestock products, our food pantry and cuisine have always been privileged but, more importantly, have been able to adapt to the new times, recognising, first and foremost, that food is a key element for the well-being and quality of life of citizens all over the planet. Innovation affects, for example, aquaculture or fish preservation, fields in which we are world leaders, as well as packaging and the design of containers and products. We are highly competitive in this field, as well as in free cuisine without any established rules for the chef or the diner.

Alongside our sportsmen and women or our artists, chefs are today’s great ambassadors of Spain in the 21st century, of Marca España, of our innovation, our creativity and also of the artistic genius that has been so brilliantly present in this historical and traditional discipline. The pantry as a whole is one of the most appreciated values within this Brand that identifies us throughout the world.

From this Marca España platform, we would like to launch a single message through diverse channels: Spanish gastronomy, pleasant and healthy, innovative not only in concepts but also in research and formats, is one of our country’s great economic, tourist and cultural strengths.

Rafael Ansón.

President of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy