Gastronomy is culture, tradition, history and quality

carlos espinosa de los monteros

Marca España came about in 2012 as a state policy that seeks to improve our country image and foster the coordinated action of all those institutions and entities that are committed to initiatives that help strengthen the perception of Spain in economic, cultural, social, scientific and technological areas. It goes without saying that one of these initiatives is the ‘Gastromarcaespañ’ portal, which uses an attractive and innovative format to present one of our country’s best known and pioneering sectors: gastronomy.

Gastronomy is culture, tradition, history and quality of life and has consequently always been linked to the strongest attributes of Spain’s image. However, in recent decades, Spain has put itself in the international gastronomy limelight thanks to first rate ingredients, the ongoing improvement of food production and quality control processes and the training and creativity of an outstanding generation of genuine “artists” in the kitchen. In this respect, Spanish gastronomy is now also associated with innovation, technology, design and talent, or in other words, the key dimensions of our country image that Marca España seeks to foster.

Therefore, Marca España did not think twice about backing ‘Gastromarcaespañ’, an initiative that stands out for the traceability, objectivity, transparency and openness of the product selection processes, a key factor to guarantee the quality of the culinary offer. Going beyond the mere basic information regarding our main food and drinks, it embraces the socialization of gastronomy from a global vision of food to the creativity and freedom in the world of cuisine, as well as a wide selection of restaurants which excel not only for the quality of their cuisine but also for bringing together a series of characteristics that enable those visiting them, particularly tourists, to find an optimum level of satisfaction and comfort.

Marca España would like to congratulate the Royal Academy of Gastronomy, its Association of Friends and all those who have worked to make this unique Internet space possible, and also recognise the real stars, who are the professionals from the world of catering and food – farmers, fishermen, cattle farmers, industrialists, wine producers, businessmen, journalists, communicators, promoters – and generally speaking, all those who have helped in one way or another to place Spain in a position of clear international leadership in the sector. In short, all those whose talent and professionalism have turned the world of gastronomy into one of the most prestigious sectors, giving visibility to Marca España.

 Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros.

Government High Commissioner for Marca España