The satisfaction of belonging to a unique, creative and innovative culinary country

joan roca

In recent years, Spanish gastronomy has undergone positive development which has enabled our cuisine to gain extraordinary international prestige. Today, Spanish chefs occupy the top places in the world ranking.

At home, we feel fortunate to have been voted Number 1 restaurant, a feeling which is shared with 5 other restaurants in the world’s Top Twenty and 7 in the Top Fifty. The effort is not ours alone. Our excellent cuisine is backed by the work of large, medium-sized and small restaurants, which have managed to strengthen and obtain the loyalty of tourism to our country and make the quality of Spanish gastronomy visible, from its great chefs to each and every one of the restaurants and food houses. This would not have been possible without this country’s excellent produce.

Marca España, along with the Association of Friends of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy, has promoted and fostered this web page: gastromarcaespañ, to help raise awareness of the image of Spanish gastronomy, which will undoubtedly be beneficial to all those related to the world of food and gastronomy in one way or another. I would like to express our satisfaction of belonging to this unique, creative and innovative culinary country. I would also like to thank Marca España, its High Commissioner and the Royal Academy of Gastronomy, which has spent forty years working to open spaces of freedom that have made the splendour of our cuisine in the world today possible.

This thanks is also extended to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, the Ministry for Industry, Energy and Tourism, the Ministry for Education, Culture and the Environment, the Ministry for the Economy, Trade and Innovation and, of course, to Turespaña and Icex for their institutional support of our gastronomy.

We will all continue working at the highest level to continue leading international culinary excellence, whereby our shared cuisine is a symbol of tradition and modernity, of history and the future that is of great pride to our predecessors, to the people of today and for future generations.

Todos continuaremos trabajando al máximo nivel para seguir liderando la excelencia gastronómica a nivel internacional, siendo la cocina que compartimos un símbolo de tradición y modernidad, de historia y de futuro que constituye un orgullo para los que nos precedieron, para las gentes actuales y para las generaciones futuras.

Joan Roca.

Chef at El Celler de Can Roca.