Social Relationships

Like other places on the Mediterranean, we like to share culinary sensations with our environment 


In Spain and the rest of the Mediterranean, a large part of daily life is spent in the “square”, broadly understood to be a place for meeting and exchange. There, people talk about the weather and health, hardly the two big topics of our culture, but they also talk a lot about food, home cooking and public catering, because our culture always invites us to share and exchange experiences and opinions.

Although our dietary balance has been forged over the millenniums, the rapid evolution of modern societies has endangered its survival in just a few decades. The unstoppable process of globalization has led us to import less healthy food customs and habits which are a far cry from our own culture. These include eating alone or glued to the television when people in Spain have traditionally eaten as a family, with friends or colleagues, whilst discussing the day’s news. As should be the case, by definition, a social activity in which everyone is entitled to have an opinion and enjoy the conversation. ()