Traceability of Restaurants


The selection of a restaurant in the REPSOL GUIDE goes through a selection process and is not subject to the criteria of a single person.

Information is obtained about a restaurant through:

  • Communication from the members of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy (102 academics), Good Food Guild (50 members), Association of Friends of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy
  • The 16 Regional Institutes and the two Provincial Institutes in the Canary Islands, with around 400 academics
  • The inspectors of the Guide, management team (12 people) and inspectors from the different regional and provincial areas
  • Journalists (printed and spoken media), culinary critics, communication teams…
  • Information received from the users of the GUIDE
  • And requests from establishments that wish to appear in the guide


Based on all of this information, a restaurant selection process begins, mainly evaluating:

  • The first and most important of all the criteria is THE CUISINE: the culinary excellence of the restaurant bearing in mind the type of cuisine offered (traditional, creative or signature, market or seasonal…), respect for the regional cuisine, the preparation process of the dishes. And the evaluation of the wholesomeness of the cuisine
  • Evaluation of the restaurant’s head chef: studies, professional training, participation in events, awards…
  • Attention given to fresh local products from the region and its seasonality
  • The wine list (attention to the list and wine serving). Evaluation of the sommelier, the selection of wines, vineyards, D.O, conservation, presentation, tasting…) and information provided on the wine list or by the sommelier.
  • Special attention is paid to the dining room and the table, the service provided by the dining room staff and information on the dishes served, crockery, cutlery, glassware….
  • Attention to the establishment’s location: coastal, rural, urban, mountains: artistic interest, monumental, history of the building, interior design and/or atmosphere of the establishment. Tourist interest of the municipality as well as the culinary level of the region.

Once a restaurant has been selected, a follow-up process commences through various anonymous visits by the extensive team of inspectors, members of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy and the Good Food Guild, who pass on their different evaluations that are collected on the internal report sheets (internal report sheet attached). Following various meetings between the Royal Academy of Gastronomy and the Good Food Guild and the different Regional Culinary Institutes, it is decided whether to incorporate new restaurants or withdraw restaurants that appear in the guide but have become obsolete or fail to fulfil the selection criteria.

Finally, the restaurants are classified in the Guide with one to three Suns and others are awarded an R for recommended:

  • Three Suns: The best restaurants of the year
  • Two Suns: Excellent cuisine and service. Special attention to the wine list
  • One Sun: High-quality cuisine.
  • Restaurants recommended for:
  • Recommended for the type of cuisine: Traditional, modern, creative, regional…
  • Recommended for its charm: trendy, intimate, for groups, glamorous…
  • Recommended for other reasons: its setting, shop, brunch, shows…
  • Recommended for the uniqueness of the building: architectural design or decor, historic building, typical…