Innovation and Creativity

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Innovation moves the world and adds spice to gastronomy to make it move forward


Free Cuisine

Both the chef, who seeks his/her own style to seduce clients; and the diner, who chooses the format, packaging and eating model, have done away with the strict gastronomy rules. Read +

Client Relations

Hospitality is a hallmark of the Spanish catering culture, where everyone is accepted regardless of his/her origins. Read +


Product preservation begins when, in times of abundance, man discovers the need to preserve certain food items which may be in short supply at a later time. Read +


The seeds to jump from the university lecture halls to the kitchen stove have been sown for a long time and are starting to reap their rewards. As a world leader: Spanish gastronomy. Read +

Production and Industry

If we talk about innovation in the Spanish agri-food industry, we must talk about freezing and freezer vessels. A fact: the Spanish fleet is the most advanced in the world. Read +


It is always a pleasure to scour the shops in search of our fine cuisine treasures. Any time of the year is good to do so as everything oozes variety and colour. Read +

Business Models

Variety is the spice of life. There are diverse ways of reflecting our gastronomy in different business models. Read +


Culinary journalism has changed. Spain is a country that is renowned worldwide for its gastronomy and the specialised media in the sector have contributed to this. Read +


Marca España raises awareness of our gastronomy throughout the world: its historical roots, the excellence of our ingredients and the careful innovation of our cuisine. Read +


The Royal Academy of Gastronomy has compiled the essential Spanish cuisine recipes, organised according to their place of origin. Read +


The top 100 creative chefs in Spain organised by Regional Community, according to the Royal Academy of Gastronomy. Read +


List of the 100 best books by Spanish chefs. Read +

Dish Presentation

The days of dinner plates, soup dishes or dessert bowls are over. Nowadays, the serving dish is one of the recipe’s added values. Slate and canvas allow creativity to run wild. Read +

Packaging Design

In the food universe, packaging has started to go down the innovative digital path. All of this has a sole obsession: innovate and make life easier for the consumer through surprises and useful information. Read +