Gastro Marca España seeks to raise awareness of the characteristics of our cuisine: its historic roots, the excellence of our food and the meticulous innovation of our cuisine

When Alimentaria in Barcelona opened in the 1970’s, our food was not very well known in the world, exports were scarce, concentrating mainly on citrus fruits and some vegetables, but since then, there has been an absolute transformation. Nowadays, Spanish food from diverse sectors (fruit, vegetables, oils, meat, cheeses, sweets…) has become established and even enjoys great prestige. ()

Alimentaria (Barcelona)

A trade fair that is on a par with the two most important fairs held in Europe: Sial in Paris and Anuga in Frankfurt. They make up the trio of international fairs. Read +

National Tapas Competition (Valladolid)

It is achieving originality and adaptation to the modern society along with the essence of the traditional, without stifling creativity. Read +

Gastronomy Forum

Principles: “Criteria, rigour, credibility and image” which converge in the promotion of the participating brands to show off their virtues. Read +

Madrid Fusión

It is the most impressive culinary fair on the planet for several reasons: its organisers, the invited chefs and the techniques exhibited and taught. Read +


A culinary meeting point at the highest level. A sole objective: raise awareness of the highest quality products and offer them in a special and select atmosphere.Read +

Salón de Gourmets

The largest fair devoted exclusively to top of the range food. It is an essential meeting point for professionals, producers and select consumers. Read +

San Sebastián Gastronomika

This is one of the most important fine cuisine conferences in the world. Its ‘Alta’, ‘Activities Off’, ‘Market’ and ‘Popular’ sections seek to generate an engaging meeting between attendees and speakers. Read +


It is special. It is a single-themed fair that is only dedicated to fortified, dessert and natural sweet wines. Like all other events and meetings, offer and demand are the driving force of the activities. Read +