National Tapas Competition (Valladolid)

All competitions aim to name a winner, but this is different in the case of the Valladolid National Tapas Competition. First of all, because it is the establishment of culinary preparations that are conquering the world for their originality and adaptation to modern society. Secondly, because they are the essence of traditional dishes without stifling creativity and innovation. Finally, because they are typically Spanish.

In 2005, the first national event devoted to tapas was held, almost certainly the most popular of the Spanish culinary disciplines. Technical and logistical problems, due to the fact that the chefs needed specialised establishments in order to prepare their tapas, led to the cooperation of dozens of bars and restaurants in Valladolid, which welcomed the competition with special interest.

The first edition was held in the streets of Vallladolid. The success was amazing and the media acceptance was far higher than expected. This was all thanks to the determination and experience of the organisers, without the support of any institution or company.

Since then, the Castilian city has become the leading themed fair devoted to tapas. This has led to the eleventh National Competition and the seventh International Pintxos and Tapas Competition being held in 2014 with the cooperation of Valladolid City Council. The headquarters, set up in a large marquee in which the finalist tapas were prepared, has joined forces with the traditional bars and competitions and demonstrations by leading chefs are held, attracting over 60 chefs from different parts of Spain and from other countries, such as Mexico, the United States or Iceland.

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