Gastronomy Forum

It was created in Vic in 1999 and was the precursor to the food and culinary congresses devoted to the exhibition of select products. Its principles: “Criteria, rigour, credibility and image”. These characteristics converge in the promotion of the participating brands to show off their virtues and raise awareness of the characteristics of their products, turning the Forum into a platform for promotion and a showcase for trade, business, the exchange of ideas and knowledge of new products.

The Vic Forum was a pioneer in the creation of workshops and live cooking sessions with tasting of the final products. From the outset, these events were successful and were well received in the different cities in which they were organised: Girona in 2007, Santiago de Compostela in 2008 and 2010 or Coruña and Barcelona in 2014.

The Forum is a genuine meeting place for professionals, producers and companies; many of which have been loyal since the very first edition. It is also the ideal stage for innovation in the food sector and an excellent commercial platform. The prominence of the exhibitors and the facilities to offer demonstrations and tastings makes all the difference.

The Forum is held over three days. Each day is devoted to presenting and preparing a product through show cooking, featuring such renowned chefs as Joel Rebuchon, Carles Caig, Carmen Ruscalleda, Ferrán and Albert Adriá or Stefano Agostini.

Tastings of highly appreciated elite products are organised: wines from different regions or designations of origin, truffles, olive oils or hams. Conferences and symposiums are also held on themes like the Mediterranean Diet, the sea and cuisine, rice from all over the world or accessible foods. In order to enhance the quality of the event, awards are established each year for the most innovative, the best presented and the most distinguished products in terms of flavour.

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