Madrid Fusión

It is the most impressive culinary fair on the planet for several reasons: the concept of its organisers, the invited chefs – the best in the world from Spain and abroad and aces in the kitchen – and the techniques exhibited and taught, not to mention the quality of the products exhibited and the innovative information received.

The first edition was held in 2003 and it has been held annually at the end of January ever since. It is a truly not to be missed global event. Conferences and demonstrations by leading culinary artists take place in the main hall. Visitors can watch show cooking in the auditorium, whilst the exhibitors’ area presents the annual innovations in the food sector. The stands of the food companies are also in this area, offering the most traditional Spanish and international products and sampling of quality products.

On the other hand, conferences, tastings, symposiums, competitions and round tables are also held, participation in which is numerous and intense. Attendance is around 10,000 visitors a year and there are more or less 100 exhibitors in each edition. Approximately 30 chefs from the leading restaurants in the world participate along with 600 journalists with a strong international presence.

Each year, there is also a single theme around which the rest of the activities revolve, Madrid Fusión chooses a guest country to raise awareness of its native cuisine. In fact, its success has been so immense that Madrid Fusión Mexico has just opened its doors on the other side of the Atlantic.

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