Vinoble is special. It is a single-themed fair that is only dedicated to fortified, dessert and natural sweet wines. Like all other events and meetings, offer and demand are the driving force of the activities but in this case, the visitor perceives that this is a different event merely by the setting in which it is held (an 11th century Arabic fortress, a former mosque and the Villavicencio Renaissance palace).

Vinoble, with its tastings and round tables, came about in 1998 and was held every two years during its first seven editions. However, the crisis meant that only one edition has been held in recent years, in 2012, which will be followed up in 2016 if everything goes to plan. This is particularly due to the expectation that the event has generated in the United States.

It is a fair that encompasses such important wines as Sauternes, Tokaj, Oportos, Malvasías, sweet wines of Georgia and; of course, a wide range of Jerez wines which are the admiration of the leading enologists, the most specialised gourmets, scientists that praise their value and even writers who have made these wine gems famous, starting with Shakespeare.

Attendance and the statistics have been one of the strengths of Vinoble: 800 wines, 75 exhibitors from the five continents, representing 20 countries. In the words of the former Minister for Agriculture, Arias Cañete: “Vinoble is an excellent window to show the international media the reality of our fortified wines”.

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