Innovation and progress in Spanish gastronomy: from the kitchens to the classrooms

The seeds to jump from the kitchens to the university lecture halls have been sown for a long time and are starting to reap their rewards. As a world leader, Spanish gastronomy, backed by the quality of its products and the professional and creative level of its chefs, has become an essential component of Marca España. So much so, that culinary training in Spain faces a new challenge: investing in research and development and improving the training of professionals of the sector. ()

Basque Culinary Center

It is a culinary training and research centre in San Sebastian that is unique in Europe. It opened in 2009 to take culinary training to the university for the first time ever in Spain. Read +

Fernando Pérez International School (EIC)

With an international vocation, it opened its doors in 2011 to seek excellence, work ethics and respect for cultural diversity through gastronomy. Read +


Standard bearer of culinary innovation in Spain, the Spanish chef, Ferran Adría, is working on the first R&D culinary centre in the world. Read +

Le Cordon Bleu Madrid

Since its opening, both the university and the school have worked relentlessly to train and improve the education of professionals of the sector using the best technologies. Read +

Other culinary schools

There are dozens of culinary schools in Spain to train the best chefs and experts in gastronomy. Read +