Spoon Restaurants

Popular stews reappear with new presentations as a result of the crisis


Spain is currently undergoing a simplification of cuisine that fluctuates between those in favour of invention and those who rigorously preserve tradition. Between them, there is a movement that has stirred up expectation throughout the world: the return of the spoon.

The huge success of Spanish cuisine at the dawn of the 21st century lies in the fact that our chefs and restaurateurs have been committed to gastronomy focusing on quality natural ingredients to guarantee the flavour of the food and the health of consumers. But there is another reason for the acceptance of traditional cuisine, that which is inscribed like none other in the traditions of the villages. Who is leading it? Spoon cuisine, which has historically been one of our hallmarks.

Spoon dishes have been and are amazing in culinary terms. They are varied, complete and highly appreciated by consumers both in winter (period for soups, stews, pots and casseroles, which help to stave off the freezing temperatures) and in summer (gazpacho, salmorejo and other cold soups, that are refreshing in summertime). A good spoon dish is a treat for the eyes and the nose and is often reminiscent of the diner’s childhood and the land of his/her first culinary delights. That’s why spoon recipes will never disappear. On the contrary, traditional dishes are replaced with new accessories and now the recipes are leaner. The furthest they go is to replace an ingredient, particularly in the case of cold soups.

In general, the new features only affect the packaging because the essential contents are still the same and the essence of the flavour must be preserved. The spoon, although newly designed, is still one of the most important utensils in cuisine, from fine and popular cuisine, from traditional and innovative cuisine because there is room for all of the culinary essences. Therefore, when it comes to soups and stews, we enjoy this amazing socio-cultural legacy of the culinary techniques from previous generations, leading to a scale of nuances that is incomparable with any other corner of the planet.