The most universal Spanish culinary concept, the truly national culinary patent


Although historically it had a different meaning, nowadays the tapa concept is used as a generic term: it speaks of today’s Spanish cuisine and, particularly, the gastronomy that we want the world to see. In reality, oriental cuisine, particularly Japanese and Chinese, is a kind of tapas cuisine. However, it is undoubtedly Spain that has made this new way of cooking and eating fashionable. In the general framework of tapas cuisine and free cuisine, it is necessary to differentiate between two areas:

A) Pintxos from the North v Tapas from the South:It is a simple type of food that is traditionally pricked with a stick or served in small portions, but can now be extended to spoon service or can invite consumers to use their fingers on a plate or tray. They are small, simple portions that can be eaten with one hand whilst the other holds a drink. Furthermore, they can be savoured standing up at the bar or sitting down and a full kitchen is not required to prepare them.  A grill and a fryer is enough. Spain is undoubtedly the paradise of pintxos in the north and tapas in the south.

B) Miniature Cuisine: Although this is also a tapa in the generic sense of the word, the difference lies in the fact that bowls, dishes and a knife and fork are usually required, which makes it impossible to eat standing up. It is necessary to sit at the bar or at a traditional table. It is a fun, accessible cuisine to enjoy without the age-old demands and which is befitting of the difficulties that are forcing a change in the field of catering.